Monday, October 10, 2011

Taman Kota Baru di New York

Rel kereta tua di yang berada di atas tiang2 di tengah kota New York sudah tidak dipakai dan akan dibongkar. Dua warga dapat ide untuk mengubah tempat itu menjadi taman kota. Dan ide mereka berhasil. Sangat kreatif. Lihat videonya.

Millions stroll in New York's 'park in the sky'

One of the runaway hits of this past summer in New York has been at a most unusual park which is attracting millions of visitors from all around the world.
The disused elevated railway track that runs through downtown Manhattan now offers commuters and tourists alike a peaceful escape from the chaos on the busy city streets below.
The inside story of New York City's so-called "park in the sky'' is about to be told in a book called High Line.
Michael Maher took a stroll through the park to find out more.

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