Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RMS Menjadi Berita Hangat Karena SBY

Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb.,
Ada 2 artikel menarik yang masuk Jakarta Post hari ini. Saya cari di berita bahasa Indonesia, tetapi belum ada. Ada kutipan dari senator Belanda, yang keturunan Maluku juga. Katanya, RMS tidak ditanggapi oleh semua warga keturunan Maluku di Belanda (45.000 orang).  Yang dukung secara rutin hanya sekitar 100 orang saja.
Dan sekarang, disebabkan tindakan SBY, warga Maluku yang muda, yang sebelumnya tidak tahu apa-apa tentang RMS malah sibuk membahasnya terus. SBY sendiri yang menghidupkan topik itu dengan tindakannya membatalkan keberangkatan ke Belanda minggu kemarin.
Siapa yang menasehati SBY untuk tidak berangkat, sampai perkara ini menjadi berita internasional? Kok sampai sekarang tidak ada yang bertanggung jawab?

Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb.,


Forgotten RMS given headlines by President
….When asked if he had ever heard about the movement for the Republic of South Maluku (the RMS movement), the father of two said the organization is dead in Maluku. “What RMS? There are many better things to talk about,” Hendrik said.  That was two weeks ago. But as local media gave wide coverage recently to the RMS, Hendrik said he felt compelled to follow the news...
….Theo expressed fears that the wide media coverage and international attention could form a basis for RMS to take its moves to the next level, including filing the case with the international human rights court, and in the event of a victory, this could be used to demand a referendum for independence in Maluku. “Domestically, at least the RMS can now show to Maluku people that they are not dead yet. With all these headlines, the RMS still exists in the minds of Maluku people again,” he said.  
[read the full article at the Jakarta Post]:


SBY ‘ill-advised’ on canceling Dutch trip
The President recently declared that legal action by the movement called Republic of South Maluku (RMS) against him at the Dutch court had hurt “national dignity”; but Maluku descendants in the Netherlands said it was a joke.
“Most of us laughed when we heard RMS president [John] Wattilete had filed that lawsuit, as we consider he and his [shadow] cabinet a joke,” Sam Pormes, a former Dutch senator from Groenlinks Party told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.
“They are only a very small and insignificant group of people. That’s why we were very surprised that Yudhoyono took them seriously,” added Pormes, who was on a visit to Ambon and Seram Island in his ancestral land in the Maluku province.
Yudhoyono has said that he based his decision on a letter from Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa and direct talks with Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands J.E. Habibie, but many have doubted that both of them really advised the President to cancel his trip.


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  1. ah sby kan memang terkenal peragu dan penakut, jd dia sendiri mungkin yg tidak berani berangkat :D



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