Friday, February 19, 2010

Ken Robinson : Schools Kill Creativity

Everyone should watch this. It’s only 20 minutes. But so very interesting.
Teachers, parents, students, political and community leaders can all learn an interesting lesson from this.

Just imagine if someone had told William Shakespeare, when he was a child, to stop “writing stories” all the time, work harder at “school” and get some good job-related skills like “accountancy” or “woodwork”.
The same principle applies to America’s best ever male gymnast, the creator of the Simpsons cartoon series, and the choreographer of the Cats and Phantom of the Opera. They could all have been stopped and told to do something “more useful” at school and when they were children, but, fortunately, they were given freedom to do what they loved. They found their “element” and used their creative skills to become very successful at doing what they had a natural gift for doing. (The concept of the “element” is explained much better in the longer lecture by Ken Robinson - Sir Ken Robinson: A New View of Human Capacity).

All of those people (and many more) could have been told to stop what they were doing because it wasn’t valuable in terms of “proper school subjects” and they could have been made to do something different with their lives, by parents and teachers.

Even if you are already an adult, you can still start again now, and find out what you really love to do, and start doing it again (even if your parents and teachers told that it was not worthwhile 20 or 30 years ago). Maybe it will change the world.


Ken Robinson : Schools Kill Creativity

I hope it’s useful.
Gene Netto

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