Saturday, October 04, 2008

Let the Rich Bail Them Out

This is worth reading. It's about the only intelligent opinion I have read about the economic crisis in America and the Bailout proposed by George Bush. It's a shame this senator isn't running for president.

It's interesting that his amendment to the Bailout bill before Congress, which would make the ultra-rich help pay for the Bailout, was defeated in the Senate vote. So much for US senators speaking on behalf of the people. They are clearly acting on behalf of the wealthiest few who give them campaign contributions.

If this is how a 300 year old democracy ends up, then I shudder to think what Indonesia will be like in the future after a few more decades of liberal democracy. It's bad enough now!

Let the Rich Bail Them Out

Wednesday 01 October 2008

See Original here.
By: Senator Bernie Sanders, Senate Floor Speech

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