Saturday, October 04, 2008

Inside Iran's Fury

If you are interested to know the background as to why Iran and the USA are so opposed to each other at the moment (nuclear standoff, Axis of Evil, etc.) then this article is very interesting reading.
Many of the readers’ comments are also interesting. One person asks "Why didn't I learn this in US history class?"
I wonder why...!!!
Hope you find it insightful if you are interested in the subject.


Inside Iran's Fury

Scholars trace the nation's antagonism to its history of domination by foreign powers.
By Stephen Kinzer
Smithsonian Magazine, October 2008

1 comment:

  1. A very enlightening article indeed, Gene. I totally agree with one comment at the bottom, that Iranians should hire a big PR firm to shout out their great sovereignty as a country, throughout the world. I think, what Iran countryman – Ahmadinejad - has been doing so far, is truly a great lobbying.
    Quoting Jimmy Carter in the article, “It’s Ancient History” - referring to the 1953 incident that left a deep scar in Iranians’ souls, now let’s hope that the Bush troops have really learned the words History Repeats, and make a remarkable action to stop spoiling Iranians. This will cure not only Iranians, but will save the world from shortcoming Armageddon prophecy.


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